Assisted Daily Living

Ermineskin Assisted Daily Living Program


Vision Statement: We are caring, strong, compassionate and willing to help and go beyond expectations.


Mission Statement: To assist our clients to live in their own homes as
long as it is practical and in the best interest of the client and their families.


Ermineskin Assisted Daily Living is committed to our client’s health and safety issues.

We are committed to advocate for client’s services and keeping it in a confidential matter.

We are committed to caring for our clients with daily living needs with house cleaning and maintenance duties.

The services we provide our Ermineskin Clientele which are the elderly and adult disable in our program consists of:

  1. Light house cleaning/dusting.
  2. Clients bedroom
  3. In home laundry
  4. Transportation for grocery shopping and banking needs.
  5. Light maintenance as to changing furnace filters, light bulbs, hauling water or wood, tighten loose furniture.
  6. Lawn care maintenance in the summer.
  7. Shoveling snow from ramps, steps and side-walks or pathways for the clientele.
  8. Meals on wheels once a week, we provide the cooking and meal delivery.
  9. Good food bag program: the department orders the bags from Public Health and we pick up and deliver once a month to the Assisted Living Clientele.





Home Management (light and heavy cleaning)

This service is done every 6 months to provide the cleaning to our clientele which consists:

  1. Cleaning interior windows in the home.
  2. Washing walls.
  3. Cleaning cupboards
  4. Ovens.
  5. Cleaning inside fridge.





In the past seven years we fundraised and received donations to host an annual Christmas Dinner for the Ermineskin Elders and Adult disabled clientele and each year was a success.


This year we had two food sales in September, 2018, and 2 food sales in October.  In November there will be two food sales and the dates will be November 14, 2018 a breakfast sale and November 28, 2018 a lunch sale.

On December 4, 2018 our department and the elders department will be hosting a Christmas dinner for Ermineskin Elders and Assisted Living clientele.


Maskwacis, AB, Canada